RR Group has always focused on using the latest technology to create solutions to our customer's business problems. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we specialize in developing applications that run on the Windows platform. We use the latest Microsoft technologies to build everything from enterprise class to Web applications that scale to single user applications.

The majority of our development centers around data-driven applications; this can be anything from a product catalog to a complete online fulfillment system. Almost any type of commercial application uses data, and we have the experience to create the optimum database design to leverage that data and get the best results.

Database Architecture
The foundation of a high-quality data-driven application is the database. Having focused in creating applications based on data, we are skilled in database design using first, second, and third normal form. The key to database design is to know when and how to use different methodologies. Databases need to be optimized for business requirements like replication, multi-lingual support, speed, high-availability, and scalability.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner we have chosen SQL 2000 as our database platform of choice. It is flexible and robust enough to fit your business needs, from remote clients using MSDE to Database Server Clusters using SQL Server 2000 Enterprise. The powerful OLAP engine in SQL 2000 is crucial in data mining applications.

Having a good design and database platform is only part of the equation when integrating into existing enterprise systems and processes. We are adept at utilizing SQL 2000's DTS and BCP functions to import, export, and connect to data from other database sources, like Access, JD Edwards, Informix, and other Mainframe databases.

Network Security Consulting
When the world revolves around data, you need assurance that your company’s information is safe. Building a fast, functional and scaleable application is now only part of the software development equation. As data is increasingly transported across the Internet and between servers, security is a major concern. Even Web-based and Win32 n-tier application development can lead to vulnerabilities if safe programming practices aren’t used.

But relax, we are able to architect and assess security needs for your company. Our teams of software engineers and systems architects are intimately familiar with how to evaluate and configure your systems to give you a comprehensive end to end solution. Whether it is an application that we are building for you or something that you need a third party to audit, we have the experience to protect you from vulnerabilities.

Don’t take security for granted. Your software won’t work if it isn’t engineered to run in the secure environment mandated by your network administrator. Let our experienced staff help you get the most out of your software in the safest possible way.