M&I Mortgage Corporation
AAA Financial Services - Deposit Web Center
The AAA Deposit Web Center makes applying for a CD or Money Market account online simple. The application process takes less than 10 minutes and provides up-to-the-second interest rate information. Once the application is complete, several different funding options are offered and a walkthrough on funding the new account is provided.
Hein Werner
E-FRAME is the definitive program in Electronic Vehicle Dimension Retrieval Systems. The efficiency of computer-based data retrieval is incorporated with accurate, intuitive data sheets and simple on-screen selection tools. Selections are made on vehicle illustrations, making it easy for employees to find just what they need quickly.
Visions is a 3-D layout and design tool used to plan healthcare and laboratory facilities. The system provides full 3-D CAD parametric design, including multiple Midmark product lines fully enabled with rotatable 3-D color images for realistic placement and planning. With customization, this program can be altered to use product lines unique to any business for the planning of facilities.
Event Management and Support System
The Event Management and Support System created for the Experimental Aircraft Association facilitates the sales of passes and camping credentials for EAA's annual Fly-In Convention. The system also provides financial reporting and the ability to leave and retrieve messages and locate guests. Using SQL Server Replication and wireless networking, over 3 square miles of convention grounds are connected with this comprehensive solution.
PLUS1 is a database-driven tool that provides instant access to repair part information for the outdoor power equipment industry. Access to makes, models, part numbers, prices and other key product information is provided. Where needed, PLUS¹ also provides serial numbers and replacement information. In addition, the system automatically displays helpful and essential suppliers' bulletins.