At RR Group we believe that the more connections you have, the better software you can provide. This page provides a listing of the businesses and organizations we have established relationships with to service our clients more effectively.
Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
RR Group has been a proud and dedicated Microsoft Corporation partner dating back to the inception of the Microsoft Solution Provider Program in 1992. RR went on to become a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider in 1998 and a Microsoft Certified Partner in 2000. In 2002, RR Group was recognized as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, the very top level of solutions partners.
International Association of Microsoft Certified Partners
IAMCP facilitates the formation of technology partnerships among its members by Enabling Peer Networking. Hence, in support of allowing members to dynamically and cost effectively add skilled resources required by client needs, it provides a host of benefits toward this end for members.
Using IAMCP, we're always sure to have the right people and technology to finish the job the right way.
Adobe Solutions Network
As part of the Adobe® Solutions Network (ASN), the ASN Developer Program focuses on providing developers with high-quality tools, information, and services. Membership gives you not only timely product information and developer support, but also the chance to participate in a wide variety of co-marketing opportunities with Adobe.

We've incorporated Adobe products in several of our applications. Most notably, we've developed a plug-in for InDesign® which makes our cataloging software faster and easier to use.
Quark XTensions Developer
The General XTensions™ Developer program gives third-party developers the resources they need to create and promote XTensions modules for QuarkXPress®.

Through this program, we gain access to developer support, technical support, and training. This relationship allows us to stay abreast of Quark's program and developments so we may continuously improve upon our cataloging software.
Marquette University
RR Group is an active member in Marquette University's Engineer Co-op program. Celebrating their 81st anniversary in 2000, Marquette's Engineering Co-op Program is the fifth oldest Co-op program in the United States and is fully accredited by ABET (Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology). Cooperative Education (Co-op) is a program combining academic study and practical work experience -- a learning and training partnership between Marquette, employer and student that is beneficial to all participants. Co-op provides students with hands-on, career-related work experience and the opportunity to develop professionally as well as academically.

Our participation in the Co-op program gives us access to the area's youngest and brightest upcoming software engineering talent.
Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC)
The Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce and its Council of Small Business Executives serve as advocates for metropolitan businesses to encourage development, capital investment and job creation. MMAC is dedicated to continuously improving the quality of benefits and services to member companies to improve your bottom line.

Founded in 1861, MMAC is a private, not-for-profit organization representing 2,500 member businesses in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee and Washington counties.

The Council of Small Business Executives, representing those members with fewer than 300 employees, is dedicated specifically to serving the interests of these 2,100 small businesses. A full-time staff of 35 professionals serves our members. Both MMAC and COSBE are governed by elected Boards of Directors.

As a member of the MMAC, RR Group has access to networking opportunities, CEO meetings, and seminars. Our membership provides us a way to stay in step with developments in the small business arena.
Technology Consulting Corporation (TCC)
Since its inception in 1978, TCC has grown into one of the larger information systems organizations in the Midwest. Working with small, mid-sized and large companies, TCC offers a wide variety of IT services including Network Solutions/Support Team, e-Business Development, and Professional IT Staffing to provide complete project staffing as a complement to existing IT Departments.

With a programming staff that exceeds 250 consultants, TCC provides RR Group with the capability to scale to projects of all sizes. TCC has been a partner with RR Group since 1992.
Waukesha Area Chamber of Commerce (WACC)
The Waukesha Area Chamber of Commerce is an active organization with a positive influence on both the business climate and the quality of life in the Waukesha community. It's mission is to serve the needs and represent the interests of the business community.

Membership in the WACC provides us with advertising opportunities as well as a resource guide to help us keep in touch with the community.